CHICAGO — Convenient, comfort-inducing and infinitely customizable, pizza fits the bill for so many consumers.

When it comes to profit in the pizza world, one thing is for certain – there’s plenty of dough to be made in the frozen aisle.


IRI Market Advantage – Integrated Fresh reported dollar sales of frozen pizza for the latest 52 weeks ending Feb. 21, 2021, at $6.3 billion, a 25.3% change vs. a year ago. Frozen pizza crusts/dough registered $53 million, and frozen pizza kits and toppings at $6 million. Although there are many slices in this multi-outlet pie, it’s clear that frozen is king.

Beloved by consumers of all ages, frozen pizza delivers consumers incredible variety in not only toppings but also in crust selections ranging from thin, thick and classic to alternative/healthier and cheese crusts, just to name a few.

Although there are many slices in this multi-outlet pie, it’s clear that frozen is king.


Technomic’s 2020 Pizza Consumer Trend Report cites crust as the No. 1 consideration with 70% of people reporting a crust or quality dough as the most important component.

But toppings are a major source of debate — meat vs. no meat, cheese, or sauce vs. no sauce. When looking at the top 50 pizza SKUs, the classic pepperoni takes the topping lead with 28% of the category, according to IRI data. Although classics are forever, there’s plenty of room when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the pizza topping world. Technomic also reported that 28% of people are likely to eat pizza with more healthy options available, which could include flavorful veggie pizzas and beyond.

These days, regional pizza options offer the already productive category more reasons for debate and buzz. Most recently, Detroit-style pizza has become the consumer darling. The rectangular pizza offers a thick, crisp and chewy crust topped with tomato sauce and Wisconsin brick cheese. Staying true to its industrial city roots, the pizza is baked in steel trays originally designed as automotive drip pans or to hold industrial parts in factories.


With options in abundance, manufacturers of frozen pizza have the leverage to go after the pizza delivery chains. The ready-when-you-are option offers consumers a fresh and hot pizza pie direct from the home oven, no delivery tip required. It provides an at home dining experience that is fun (and easy) for the whole family.

As new products and new consumer desires shape the pizza market, signs say that frozen pizza will continue to be a hot item for the foreseeable future.

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