MUNICH — Representatives from iba, the world’s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industries, will present a lecture and panel discussion during the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), set for Sept. 18-21 in Las Vegas.

As a global partner with IBIE, iba 2023 is set to return in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic’s onset. Scheduled for Oct. 22-26, 2023, in Munich, iba is expected to be a long-awaited reunion and international hub for the global baking industry.

Showcasing trends, innovations, premiers and solutions, iba’s identity is also rooted in a culture of giving back to the industry. In that spirit, iba is supporting IBIE with live talks on Sept. 19 featuring The German Bakers’ Confederation and Susann Seidemann, director of iba.

“Contributing to the supporting program at IBIE is a special event for us as iba,” Seidemann said. “It is another milestone in our long-standing partnership and the first joint live event after more than two years.”

In 2021 iba rolled out iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS, a digital platform that gave the global baking industry a chance to connect virtually.

“Being back in the trade fair halls in Las Vegas in person is our next stop on the road to iba,” Seidemann said. “After that, we are counting days to welcoming IBIE as a partner in Munich in 2023, when iba finally takes place live again.”

With its location Munich, iba has roots in the traditional German bakery trade, which is evident in the halls of the show. At IBIE, Daniel Schneider, secretary general of the German Bakers’ Confederation, will share insight into the German market during his presentation, “Dealing with Cost Increases in the German Bakery Trade – presented by iba.”


“Contributing to the supporting program at IBIE is a special event for us as iba. It is another milestone in our long-standing partnership and the first joint live event after more than two years.” — Susann Seidemann | director | iba


Schneider will also address topics that are currently of concern to the industry in the face of global inflation.

“The bakery trade, like many other sectors, has suffered badly from the pandemic,” he said. “Thanks to the financial aid from the state — which the German Bakers’ Confederation fought for — as well as clever business management and the resilience of the companies, we have ultimately come through this crisis well. That is the strength of the bakery trade.”

However, challenges like labor shortages, supply bottlenecks, increased material costs and inflation still wreak havoc across the global baking industry. In his presentation, Schneider will address increasing costs share ideas for overcoming those challenges.

“Crisis can only be overcome as strong community and with joint knowledge exchange,” Schneider said.

IBIE attendees can join the presentation at 12:45 p.m. on the Presentation Stage in the RBA Bakers Center, decorated by Corbion, Booth #5847 in the North Hall.

Immediately after that presentation, Schneider will join the panel discussion, “Is It Efficient to Be Sustainable?” with Rasma Zvaners, VP of regulatory and technical services, American Bakers Association (ABA). Moderated by Catalina Mihu, editor-in-chief, baking + biscuit international, the panel will explore how bakers are balancing sustainability commitments in the face of global inflation, supply chain shortages and other immediate challenges impacting the industry.

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