CHICAGO — This is the first column in our “People Strategies for Growth” series, where we feature inspiring insights from successful business leaders. These strategies can provide a roadmap for other top decision-makers to grow their business with purpose.

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Robyn Clark is the founder and president of WinningWise, a consulting firm that specializes in executive, leadership and team development. In this column, she answers the question, “What’s the best way to develop (or refine) the mission/vision statement in relation to professional development protocol?  Should one be driving the other, and if so, which comes first?”

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“Ideally, within the mission, vision and values exists the call to personal and professional growth, continued learning, and continuous improvement. This allows both the people and the company to continue to grow and thrive.”

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Mission and vision statements are powerful tools that can help lead and guide a company and its employees. They can also keep organizations focused on what is really important to them.

First, let’s begin with a good foundation of understanding the purpose of a company’s mission and vision statement.

– A mission statement defines the company’s business, its objectives and reason for existence. The mission describes the reality of “what” the company does – in other words, the difference it makes in the world.
– A vision statement is forward looking and describes the desired future state of the company. It describes the “where” the company wants to be in the future.


If, as an organization, you are in the process of redefining your commitment and expectations for professional development – it is desirable for that to be supported in the mission, vision and/or values. If it is visible, highlight it and engage the organization in attending to it more – using communication, training and goals — while being sure to involve leaders and people at all levels.

If it is not currently visible, you may want to suggest some updates to the mission, vision and values. Putting it simply, it is OK for an organization to update. It can even be refreshing for people to see the organization grow. Engage your leaders and employees in the process, if possible, and they may even feel a renewed sense of commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm for the organization and their work.

If you are interested in exploring how your organization can strengthen its mission, vision and values and/or grow your company culture for more emphasis on professional development  WinningWise is here to help. We’d be glad to set up a consultation call with you.

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