BERINGEN, SWITZERLAND — Syntegon’s Sigpack TTMD combines core technologies of the TTM platform with one or more seamlessly integrated Delta robot cells. The camera-based vision control system detects products on the infeed belt. The delta robots pick single or multiple products arriving in random order and reliably place them in cartons, trays or other containers according to specifications. To enable additional packaging flexibility, the new top-load cartoner can also simultaneously pack different products from several infeed processes. The Sigpack TTMD uses the proven tool-less format changeover concept from the TTM platform, enabling a vertical restart after each format change.

“Since its launch 10 years ago, the TTM platform for integrated top-load cartoners has proven its worth at manufacturing companies all over the world and has been continuously developed further,” said Michael Haas, product manager for secondary packaging at Syntegon. “Our customers are especially impressed by its high reliability and flexibility. Thanks to the integrated Delta robots, even more product and pack style variations are now possible.”

Each cartoning machine can be equipped with one or more Delta robot cells. A camera-based vision system detects the position of the individual products on the infeed belt. The pick rate of the delta robots depends on the product but is typically between 60 and 90 products per minute and can go up to as many as 120 products per minute.

Following the single- or multi-pick process, the robotic arms pick the products from the belt and place them in the cartons either in a flat or on-edge position. The process is organized according to the counterflow principle: The cartons move in the opposite direction to the product, which reduces the reject rate and makes sure that each carton is filled correctly. The Delta robots can track on the infeed conveyor and the carton transport, which allows the products to be continuously loaded into the cartons.

The core of the Sigpack TTMD consists of a TTM1 or TTM2 top-load cartoner for forming and closing. The Sigpack TTMD has a maximum output rate of 150 cartons per minute.

“The Sigpack TTMD expands our portfolio by a cartoning machine that uses the proven core technologies of the TTM platform, while the integrated Delta robots increase the range of products and pack styles,” Haas said. We are pleased that we have already been able to sell the first Sigpack TTMD and further inquiries are already being processed.”

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