The IMPRESSA bread line from Fritsch is a completely revised line that features a 20% smaller footprint, a newly designed sheeting section and a hygienic design. By combining the Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS) and Soft Dough Roller (SDR), bakers can achieve a homogeneous, well-defined dough sheet that reduces dough waste.

The SDS comes without intermediate retracting, which reduces the hopper height and increases accessibility for cleaning. Fold-up belts flour the dough sheet on the reverse side, eliminating oil during the sheeting process. A sensor in the hopper monitors the fill level above the star rollers, adding new dough via a conveyor belt for greater precision and weight distribution during dough sheet production. This feature prevents dough compression and compaction, resulting in improved product quality.

The IMPRESSA bread line also offers Multivac’s Smart Services, which turns machine data into actionable production intelligence dashboards viewable from any location on any device.

Visit the Multivac-Fritsch website for more information.

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