ROBESONIA, PA — Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading global manufacturer of snack production systems, has introduced a new ambient cooling conveyor that can cool crackers before entering packaging, all with a more compact footprint.

Before crackers hit the packaging stage, they must be cooled to a specific temperature to prevent condensation once the package has been sealed. If condensation occurs, it can compromise the snack’s texture and shelf life. Optimal product moisture and temperature control is critical for snacks to remain at peak quality, something RBS is focusing on with this new product.

“The new Thomas L. Green Ambient Cooling Conveyor design is a win‐win for cracker manufacturers, as it is more efficient to operate and easier to clean and maintain,” said Cameron Johnston, director of engineering at RBS. “It also reduces energy consumption, energy waste and employee safety hazards.”

The new cooling tunnel system is modular, allowing customers to add multiple sections to suit their specific plant and process needs. Each module is equipped with upper and lower fans, each with individual speed controls. Operators can then control the amount of air blown across the top and bottom of the crackers via touchscreen controls, making changes quick and simple.

In addition, maintenance has also been streamlined and made safer. Air filtration cartridges can be handled without ladders and can be changed or cleaned without the use of tools, and air handling blowers can be accessed at ground levels, also not requiring ladders.

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